A better version of “text widget” in the newer WordPress version has everyone asking… was that really needed? Could they have kept the classic text widget and added newer version of text widget as an additional widget. Lot of alternatives, but as of now lot of folks are working hard in getting their compatibility right for this new text widget.

Dealing with new Text Widget

If you have used some custom code with few div(s) in the text widget, then this new text widget would break your lovely code. Lot of developers are pushing or planning to release updates to handle issues created by the text widget in the newer WordPress version.

If you really loved the old text widget, then use this Classic Text Widget plugin for that classic goodness. Besides the good old text only functionality, it also adds support for shortcode execution.

Core WordPress Readings

1. WordPress Events and News… widget has become so very use-able now. Check it in your WordPress dashboard, it now displays upcoming WordCamp events in your country.

2. My favorite caching… plugin “WP Super Cache” will get big updates in the upcoming version including: New REST API and user friendly settings page.

3. Automate basic WordPress tasks… with quality free services and save your precious time. Check this article for 9 key WordPress automation tasks and tools you can use to automate them.

Want daily WordPress fill?

If you want daily WordPress buzz like: news, tutorials, SEO tips, Podcasts and much more from top websites catering to the WordPress ecosystem – then check theWPdaily website.

It is a new project by me (Davinder) to create a central point to find latest information for (almost) everything related to WordPress. You can also subscribe to the daily email for latest readings directly in your inbox.

Extended Readings for Geeks

1. It’s me… talking WordPress, pricing products, Facebook groups ecosystem, Beaver Builder with Kim Doyal at “the WP Chick” podcast.

2. Letter Effects… with amazing hover animation. Check here for cool looking demo and source code files for you to play around in implementing these effects.

3. Logo Designs in 2017… are different and radical – really? Bill Gardner explains in profound details, the logo design trends for 2017 from various aspects like: shadow breaks, fades, rising colors and more.

4. Rest API… versus custom request handlers in WordPress. Check this article by Matt Shaw to find out which is a better and faster method for WordPress based implementation.

Till the next time… it does take time to adjust with change. But remember, every change happens for the good (coming from an optimistic mind).

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  1. Brenda on June 12, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    Nice wrap-up today. I am keeping my eye on the text-widget conundrum. As a Genesis developer, I heavily relied on code in the text widget.

    • Davinder Singh Kainth on June 12, 2017 at 12:53 pm

      Yep, same here. Worried about divs that I have used in the text widget – LOLs

      Thanks for the comment, glad you like the round-up!

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