Facebook Groups for WordPress Users

Best Facebook Groups for WordPress users to learn, share, promote & grow.

WordPress: Beginners

  1. WordPress Help for Beginners - A place for beginner level WordPress users to ask questions.
  2. WordPress Group - A group is for all skill levels WordPress users who want to know more.
  3. Basic Learn and share - A place to share and learn about basic WordPress topics & questions.
  4. WordPress Help - A group formed to help people find answers to their WordPress questions.
  5. All About WordPress - A group dedicated to encouraging discussion of WordPress related topics.
  6. WordPress Help & Share - A simple, useful community of WordPress help and great tips.
  7. WordPress for Business - This group, filled with awesome, helpful people, is all about WordPress.

WordPress: Advanced

  1. Intermediate WordPress - For questions above the beginners level with few code wranglings.
  2. Advanced WordPress - This is a group advanced topic discussion related to WordPress.
  3. WordPress Front End Developers -  A group for developers to ask questions, share their work and discuss.
  4. WordPress Developers - A group for WordPress Developers to interact and get solutions for technical problems.
  5. Everything Novice to SysAdmins - A group for WordPress enthusiast, developers, and security.

WordPress Web Hosting, Security, Community, SEO & Marketing

WordPress: Hosting & Security

  1. WordPress Hosting - This group focuses on WP hosting, new features, issues, security, caching, performance.
  2. WordPress Speed Up - A group for WordPress users to know more about speeding up websites.
  3. WordPress Secure - This is a dedicated group for WordPress Security or anything security related.

WordPress: For Designers

  1. WordPress Designers - A group for designers to discuss: typography, layouts, UI and much more.
  2. What Font is this - For questions about fonts, designers, free fonts. showcasing of work, tutorials.

WordPress: Community

  1. WP Innovator - This group is for design and web agencies that are growing their business online.
  2. WPBuilds - For a community of users who love building websites on WordPress platform.
  3. Profiting with WordPress - For WP service providers, supports client sites, user WP for business.
  4. WProsper by iThemes - A group for an interactive community where you can share your experiences.

WordPress: SEO & Marketing

  1. WordPress, SEO, & Internet Questions -  A group for discussions on SEO, marketing for WP users.
  2. Internet Marketing Super Friends - A group for marketing superstars of the internet.
  3. Digital Marketing Questions - For digital marketing professionals, SEO, PPC, social and analytics.
  4. SEO Launchpad - Group designed to provide a reputable source of SEO information, education, insights.

Content Creation on WordPress & Course Platforms.

WordPress: Content Creation

  1. Content Creators - A place for content creators and strategists to connect, share, ask questions.
  2. Online Course Creators Community - A place for entrepreneurs to ask questions about creating courses.

WordPress: Course Platforms

  1. The Teachable Tribe - This is a Facebook community for folks with courses on Teachable courses platform.
  2. LearnDash LMS Tips & Tricks - A group for discussion around LearnDash LMS plugin for WordPress.
  3. LifterLMS VIPs - A community of eLearning, online marketing, and LifetLMS plugin users.
  4. Teachable Tricks Marketplace -  A group for Teachable platform users to advertise courses and resources.
  5. Thinkific Studio - A closed group for online course creators using the Thinkific Platform.

WordPress Page Builders like Beaver Builder, Elementor, Divi.

Page Builders: Beaver Builder

  1. Beaver Builders - The official Facebook community of Beaver Builder users.
  2. Beaver Builder Advanced - A Meeting point of developers and designers using Beaver Builder.
  3. Beaver Builder Beginners - A Facebook group that focuses on new users of the Beaver Builder products.
  4. PowerPack Addons - For users on PowerPack Beaver Plugin featuring custom modules & templates.
  5. Ultimate Beaver - Group for Ultimate Beaver plugin users for custom modules & Beaver templates.
  6. BeaverDojo - A dedicated group for BeaverDojo podcast for Beaver Builder users.

Page Builders: Divi Builder

  1. Divi Theme Users - Biggest group of Divi specific discussions by Elegant Marketplace website.
  2. Divi Help & Share - This group focus on Divi Theme, Extra Theme, and Divi page builder discussions.
  3. Divi Theme Tutorials - Group where users ask, share tutorials and resources related to Divi.
  4. ETU Community - A Community of Elegant Theme Product Users that want to learn and share.
  5. Divi Web Designers - Group for new and experienced web designers using Elegant Theme's Divi.
  6. Divi Soup - A group for education, self-improvement for Divi Designers and Developers.
  7. Divi Users - This group is a peer support area for users of the Divi theme products.

Page Builders: Elementor

  1. Elementors - This biggest group of Elementor page builder users discussing, sharing and learning.
  2. Elementor Advanced Users - A group dedicated to the advanced users of the Elementor Page Builder.
  3. Elementor Users Group & Marketplace -  Help and share solutions for Elementor User Family.
  4. Elementor Page Builder Users - An unofficial Elementor facebook group community.
  5. Elementor Pro - For WordPress professionals using the Elementor Pro page builder.

Page Builders: Others

  1. MotoPress - A Facebook group for MotoPress page builder users to share and learn.

WordPress Framework Themes, Multi Purpose Themes, Builder Themes

Themes: Genesis Framework

  1. Genesis Framework - A Facebook group to connect and share with other Genesis Theme users.
  2. Sridhar Genesis Tutorials - A group for Genesis tutorials on Sridhar Katakam membership website.
  3. Genesis Showcase - Here developers showcase sites developed using Genesis Framework.
  4. Genesis & WooCommerce Code - A place for sharing Genesis and WooCommerce PHP, CSS, HTML, js.
  5. Genesis Dynamik - For users of Genesis and Dynamik Child Theme from Cobalt Apps.

Themes: Others

  1. Avada Users Group -  The official Facebook group for Avada theme users to learn and share.
  2. xTheme Users - Community for xTheme by ThemeFusion users to share and learn.
  3. Blox Theme Users -  For Blox Theme users to share their knowledge, tips, and useful information.
  4. GeneratePress - Community for users of the free GeneratePress Theme for WordPress.
  5. Astra Theme - A Facebook group for users of the free Astra WordPress theme for page builders.
  6. OceanWP - A Facebook community for users of the free OceanWP Theme for WordPress.
  7. WP Page Builder Framework - Group for the WPBF theme designed to work with popular page builders.

WordPress Plugins like ACF, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce

General Plugins & Services

  1. WordPress Plugin Suggestions - A group provide plugin suggestions for other developers and designers.
  2. WordPress Plugins - A group for posting and learning about WordPress plugins in general.
  3. WordPress ACF Users - A dedicated group of users of Advanced Custom Fields plugin.
  4. MainWP Users - The unofficial Facebook group for those who use MainWP Management Plugin.
  5. ManageWP - A dedicated Facebook group for users of ManageWP service by Godaddy.

Plugin: WooCommerce

  1. Advanced WooCommerce - A place for developers, store owners, and WooCommerce enthusiasts.
  2. Advanced WooCommerce Jobs - Find paid work related to WooCommerce store setup, tweaks.
  3. WooCommerce Help & Share - A group for WooCommerce users to share, help, learn.
  4. WooCommerce Build & Grow - Community for building and growing WooCommerce stores.

Plugin: Gravity Forms

  1. Gravity Forms, View, Perks users -  Regarding Gravity Forms, GravityView, Gravity Perks plugins for WordPress.
  2. Gravity Forms Development - A group of users who want to develop and help others in the Gravity Forms.

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