WordPress is more than just creating a simple blog with few blog posts. You can create complete website portals with custom functionality using WordPress.org platform. Lot of people hire WordPress developers and designers to create custom looking website for their businesses. Once the WordPress website is completed, it is important to teach client on how to use the WordPress back-end (which is also called WordPress Dashboard).

Using WordPress is easy: Don’t take that for granted!

A person with even basic knowledge of WordPress can easily navigate various options within WordPress Dashboard. However, don’t take that for granted because for client(s) – WordPress Dashboard is all new strange world. New WordPress Clients can easily get lost and even lose interest managing WordPress powered website created by you.


Hence, it is important to teach clients WordPress Basics to make website management easy. The traditional long haul method is to manually teach clients about every aspect (almost) of WordPress Dashboard. Isn’t that time consuming and boring like hell? Well, there is a new innovative way for teaching clients about WordPress Basics while you chill out doing other more interesting things. Keep reading for that quick method!

WordPress Video Tutorials in Client’s Dashboard, easy!

Rather than making client search internet for Basic WordPress guides, how about providing “step by step” guide within Client’s WordPress Dashboard? There are lot of premium Video Tutorial services that show basic and advanced WordPress videos within Client’s WordPress Dasboard.

1. Video User Manual It provides very professional WordPress video how-tos within WordPress Dashboard of your clients. You just need to install “Video Use Manual” plugin in client’s website and its all done. Clients can access over 50+ videos for WordPress learning showcased in a neat manner along with 100 page written manual.


All videos update automatically with new version of WordPress. Also, all videos are available in different languages and ascents including: US, UK and Australian accents, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. There is more, you can customize videos with own logo (and branding – hows that for impression!) and even remove videos that are not relevant for specific client(s).

2. WP 101 plugin – It also provides WordPress plugin that you can install on client’s website for quick access to WordPress video tutorials. You can configure which videos to show to specific clients. All videos are white labelled, it means they contain no logo or branding.


You can install this plugin on multiple websites of various clients. Since videos are served from cloud hosting, there is no impact on your client’s server during video playback. Also, there is no need to update this section for every client, as with release of new WordPress version – videos update automatically.

While there is a premium involved in using these services, savings done in terms of time and effort is much more. Remember “time is money” – with this setup you will spend less time teaching WordPress and more time creating WordPress websites (and earning) – Just think!

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